Best Water Softeners for Municipal/City Water

Many of us reside in hard water areas and utilize it knowing or unknowingly. Those who are wretched of hard water issues have many water softeners present in the market.
Water hardness is generally found in groundwater, true. But it can also be there in other sources of water. The water softeners we have reviewed in this tutorial are befitting municipal or city water.
To get it straight when magnesium and calcium are above 60 mg, your territory falls under hard water category. So, check water hardness if you have any doubt. To reduce water hardness get the right water softening system installed at your home.

Notice these mentioned signs, if you have any you need a water softener:

  • Limescale buildup on appliances
  • Skin is super dry and hair rough
  • Stiff laundry with gray and faded clothes
  • Stains on bathtubs and tiles
  • Plumbing always needs a repair
  • Water consumption is more and the bill is high
  • Brittle and damaged glassware

Best Water Softeners for City Water:

The Best (All-rounder): US Water Aquatrol

The US Water Aquatrol 56SE Metered water softener is available in four different sizes. It can be chosen as per the capacity of the home requirement.

It has a digital control that controls the water flow and helps you to regenerate water. No extra fixtures are needed as it supplies water to the entire home.

It comes with a lifetime warranty on tank and five years on the rest unit.


  • Different sizes available
  • Durable
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Energy efficient

(Overall Perfect)Fleck 5600SXT, 48000 Grain Water Softener:

Fleck is a known brand which has everything you are looking for all in one product. This model is designed to serve the whole house where water range is from medium to hard.

Additionally, Fleck 5600SXT features a 12 GPM flow rate which is sufficient to supply water for six people.


  • Reliable water supply
  • Installation guide provided
  • Low maintenance
  • High-Quality resins and body

GE 30,000 Grain Water Softeners:

The GE water softener system is the most affordable one amongst all. It uses salts for filtration. It is good for city water, underground water. It removes up to 30000 grains of hardness. Also automatically regenerates water however it can be done manually too.

The reservoir has a capacity to hold 200 pounds salt, so it lasts longer. The alarm will alert you if the salts need to be replaced.


  • 10 Year warranty on Brine tank
  • Affordable
  • Automatic regeneration cycle
  • Salt-based apt for city water purification

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler:

If you are looking for an alternative option than Eddy water softeners are amongst best. It uses electromagnetic radiations to achieve goals. This is best if limescale buildup is on the higher side. It is placed above the main pipeline with a tightly coiled pipe.


  • No salt wastage
  • Eco-friendly
  • Long lasting
  • Water tastes better
  • Cost-effective

Culligan HE Municipal Water Conditioner:

The Culligan High Efficiency Water softeners deliver a comprehensive water treatment on a large basis by reduction of chlorine. Decrease your energy expenses and get a long-term solution. It is specially designed for polluted city water. It makes water drinkable and usable free from harmful contaminants. It is cost effective product with great efficiency and better taste.


  • Customizable and control
  • Efficiency
  • Easy to access
  • Convenience
  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Simple maintenance

We have listed a few best options for municipal water softening. If you have one already installed do let us know how is it? We will try to include that in our next article.

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