6 Easy Ways To Purify Water at Home

Water, an essential element in the ecosystem, and it is the second most essential element for not only human survival but also the Flora & Fauna community at large. Healthwise, the human body is very sensitive to unhealthy water.

Clean water can be contaminated with chemicals, pathogens or other kinds of impurities. Therefore, there is a difference between clean water and purified water, yeah; those are entirely two different things. This clearly shows that back at our homes, we need water softeners to purify water that is fit for human use and consumption. I am going to show simple ways to soften water at home. There are several methods of purifying water.

I am going to express six effective methods, and each of these six different methods is efficient in purifying your drinking water.


This kills bacteria, parasites and all other kinds of pathogens in water.

How to do it: Ten minutes of a rolling boiling is safer, as most of the organisms will be killed due to the extreme heat. Use a fireproof container, and the boiling is done on a stove or a just an available campfire. This form is actually the safest methodology of disinfection.


Sold as regular household bleach, thus easily accessible from the grocery store. Chlorine is very deadly to pathogens and bacteria, making water fit for consumption.

How to do it: Ten drops of chlorine is sufficient for purification of one gallon. Do not consume the water immediately but let it settle for half an hour to giving the bleach time for action.


Though a little bit complicated, distillation is the surest methodology of purifying water.

How to do it: Heat the water in an enclosed vessel, there will be steam coming from the enclosed vessel, capture it and condense it, that is through a cooler, coiled copper facing downwards, therefore, the water will come out pure dripping downwards.

Water Filters.

They get rid of microorganisms and the cloudiness coming from the sediments.

How to do it:

  • Use a clean bowl
  • Muslin or towel

Procedure: Using the towel or muslin, cover the top of the bowl fully and pour the water to go through it and effectively into the bowl.

This method is effective in removing sand particles, and large particles like pebbles.

Nevertheless, to effectively filter bacteria, two microns should be able to be filtered.


Iodine is cheap. Its tincture works as bleach, though while dealing with iodine, you need to use a much more of it. Normally two per cent of iodine with forty-seven per cent of alcohol

How to do it: add a minimum of twenty-one drops of the mixture into one gallon. If the water appears cloudy, it is advisable to use even forty drops. This method is cheap and accessible.

Chemical Filtration Tablets

Many companies make these tablets. Most commonly the halogen. Though also effective, many find their taste in water not pleasant. As the supply lasts, thus they’re useful.


Water purification back at home is very essential for proper health and survival. As discussed above, we can acknowledge that it’s simple to get purified water.

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