5 Best Water Softener Systems of 2019

Many people have a misconception that drinking hard water is safe. This is due to a lack of knowledge. Hard water probably has adverse effects when used for the domicile or industry. Coolers, boilers or heaters tend to breakdown which is cost hitting. The limescale build up is another issue that arises due to hard water. Getting the best water softener Systems is the savior.

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A water softener is a system that is connected to the house main pipeline to eliminate hardness present in water in the form of impurities.

It acts as the entire house water filtration device which serves the larger sediments and contaminants in water.  The system involves time and money, especially in the areas where hard water supply is only available.

In this epoch, we get less time to pay attention to our health. If the water is pure all major health issues are eradicated.  Skin and hair become super healthy by soft water. If you are living in hard water areas, do check the water softener list provided in this article.

Best Water Softener Systems of 2019:

  • Eddy Water Descaler: Electronic Water Softener
  • Fleck 56SXT Whole House Water Softening System
  • Pelican Water NatursOft  at Home Depot Salt-Free Water Softener
  • Aquasana EQ SS20 SimplySoft Water Softener
  • iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage Water Softener

Eddy Water Descaler: Electronic Water Softener (Best Electronic Water Softener)

It is a water softener with no altering TDS. It is an economical and best option where people are suffering from limescale build-up due to hard water. This is the best electronic water softener that holds back water nutrients yet eliminates hardness.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to install
  • Eliminates limescale build up
  • No maintenance
  • Salt-free and retains healthy minerals    

Fleck 56SXT Whole House Water Softening System (Whole House)

The Fleck Water System is a budgeted product for hard water at home. It comes with an installation guide, hence can be installed effortlessly at home. With a valve, it supplies water efficiently.

A 48000-grain water softener with a flow rate of 12-gallon water per minute it has a quick supply. It is apt for a family of 6 people. Dense high hold resin washes out impurity present in the water keeping nutrients intact.


  • Durable
  • 48000 Grain Capacity
  • Digital controller for great efficiency
  • Manufacturer warranty

Pelican Water Natursoft at Home Depot (Best Salt-Free Water Softener)

Some people do not like the extra sodium left over after water softening. Salt can sometimes reduce the nutritional value of water. Pelican system gets the job done perfectly.


  • Attaches outside the house
  • Life warranty
  • Stainless steel outer casing
  • Remove harmful minerals
  • 99.7 percent scale removed

Aquasana EQ SS20 SimplySoft Water Softener (Budgeted)

Aquasana is an advanced water filter for complete house water filtration. It is designed to filter 5 Lac gallons of water. 97 percent chlorine in water is removed with it.

Eco-friendly and energy saver product as no water and electricity is required. Makes water tastes better and safe to drink.


  • No Corrosion
  • Prevents Limescale from building
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Easy to fix and maintain
  • Natural water conditioning

iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage Water Softener (Best For Well Water)

iSpring systems are designed for heavy duty. It is the sixth generation water softener with advanced technology. The filtered water is healthy and tasty, safe for drinking. It can be connected to a fridge or coffee maker.

You can easily set up without an engineer. It eliminates harmful contaminants and resumes healthy minerals.


  • 99 percent contaminants removed
  • Healthy great tasting water
  • Detailed installation guide
  • Easy fittings
  • Lightweight

Hope that this article helps you find the best water softener for your house or your industry. Do let us know about your opinion in the comment section.


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