Petition Against World’s 50 Best Restaurants Calls the Awards ‘Opaque’ and ‘Sexist’

21st May 2015 0 Comments

Not everyone is a fan of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, an organization and awarding body established in 2002 and sponsored primarily by S.Pellegrino. A new petition is circulating on the internet calling for sponsors to stop supporting the awards, blogger and Eater contributor Elizabeth Auerbach notes. Started over the weekend by three friends in France — food blogger Marie Eatsider, documentary filmmaker Hind Meddeb, and PR agency owner Zoé Reyners — the petition is called Occupy 50 Best. According to their website, the creators believe the awards are “opaque, sexist, and complacent.” Reyners tells Eater, “What once started out as a communications operation, a PR push, is now a reference point for the food world.” However, she notes, the awards have done nothing “to professionalize themselves.”



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