Platt Chat: The World’s 50 Best Club

19th May 2015 0 Comments

Welcome to Platt Chat, where New York critic Adam Platt talks with Grub editor Alan Sytsma to discuss the dining world’s most pressing issues. This week: the inherent clubbiness of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list.

Alan Sytsma: Let’s talk about the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. Some critics have just dismissed it outright, but I’m curious what you think about this particular list, as someone who assembles restaurant rankings from time to time.

Adam Platt: Well, lists are lists. They’re a necessary evil in the service-journalism ocean in which you and I swim. I think ranking the 50 best restaurants in a city is difficult enough to do well, but the 50 best restaurants in the entire world is obviously insane. But that’s part of the fun. Of course it’s insane, but if the insanity promotes these businesses and gets people talking about all the great places to eat in the world, like we’re doing right now, then I’m all for it.




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